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What in the world am I doing here?

Blog 101 – Help me here, where do I go now?

When I paint, I can usually find my way, a line here, a circle there, a dab of color and I’m on my way.

Cooking can be fun or a chore. It’s just like life. Choose things you love, mix them up, try putting the best together and keep trying until you’ve created an original. Let’s try to keep it healthy without losing the taste buds.

I write books about incredible people, creatures and things coming to life in my imagination. I like to think the books are read by people of all ages as they contain no obscene language or explicit sex.

I’m a Bible study student and met the most interesting characters, visit fascinating places and read inspired prose in this beautifully written book. The stories are timeless and provide inspiration and hope for all of us. The classes attract students with a variety of backgrounds who are willing to share their ideas and hopes. The classes are part of my life journey.