Questions & Answers On My Upcoming Book

Phyllis | Wed, 01/01/2020 - 07:55

Questions & Answers on my new book, White Feathers Academy.

We were studying the Bible verses about a proprietor giving each of three employees a talent to take care of while he traveled and how two of them multiplied their talents. So, my overactive imagination came up with the idea of children finding talents and multiplying them.

I loved little Halo from the beginning, and she, Zadie and her deaf-mute brother Jet were the original characters. The triplets, Star, Opal and Ruby just decided to show up one day and stayed for the rest of the story. The beautiful guardian angel Asia has been around for a long time and Midas is a much beloved golden in my own family.

The scene when the triplets and Zadie spend the night together while Jet and Koze are searching for Halo. Their idea of asking their guardian angels to help their friend had me crying right along with them.

Halo, of course, because she is really trying to find a talent and is worried that she doesn’t have one. I can relate to talent seeking.