I’m Phyllis Cherry, and am thrilled to be a new InkSpell author.

I write about things happening in my fantasy world and sometimes unwind by painting watercolor pictures. I’m a traveler and an avid cooking school student.

I like to write about possibilities, fantasy places and characters who insist on being heard. I write for a young audience and do not use profanity or erotic scenes. My new favorite characters are children who left this world to begin life in angel communities. Each character has a story and insist on telling me all about it when I least expect his or her visit.

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Remember the things we learned in kindergarten? Good manners, being kind to one another, respecting each other’s space and obeying the “Golden Rule” were the basic lessons of my childhood. I wish we would all remember these lessons.

I can’t change what has happened. I would like to spend my last hours with my husband and the people I love.

Yesterday. I learned something new about a topic I am interested in.

My husband and I helped a friend pay a hospital charge so they could buy prescription medicine. She was very grateful. I often pray for and keep in touch with friends who need to know someone cares. If they reach the goal of good health, family resolutions or project completions we rejoice together.

I can’t think of a sitcom that sounds like my family. We probably relate to the happenings on “Big Bang” most as we have all had experiences with people like these characters.

Read a good book, do a crossword puzzle or sketch.

As a child, I loved reading all the fairy tale books like the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson, and retelling the stories to my schoolmates and friends. I read constantly, but didn’t pursue writing in college. I didn’t attempt to publish anything other than magazine and newspaper articles about food, travel and wine until recently.

I loved all the mystery books like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys but the first serious books were the ones by Ayn Rand starting with The Fountainhead and following through with the rest of them.

Good lighting, a place for scribbling ideas and sometimes a cup of coffee.

How difficult it is to do the Social media necessary to promote sales. I love writing, revising, getting to know my characters and putting the whole thing together. It would be a wonderful thing to just write and avoid social media altogether.