Mystery at Camp Esther

Coming soon!

Welcome to my world! I’m Halo Havens and this big, beautiful dog is my friend, Midas. Settle back with a glass of wishberry juice and I’ll tell you a secret. I’m an angel, well almost an angel if I pass my next test. Midas has to pass the test too, but sometimes I wonder if he has already passed the test, but he is a gentleman and would never brag about his accomplishments.

Why am I here? I’ve already lived on Earth once but don’t remember anything about it. Now I’m back on Earth with Midas and we’re supposed to help someone we don’t know, in a place where we’ve never been, with a mission so dangerous it could cost us everything including our new second lives. So far, everything that could go wrong has.

A bomb destroyed the catering van minutes after we parked it, the chicken salad for the finger-sandwiches I’d made was poisoned, someone shot Midas with a poisoned dart, our one new friend’s family receives threatening notes, and a bonfire explosion on the opening night of camp point to us, the new arrivals.

Did I mention that we are angel students, sent here from another planet on a mission so dangerous we might lose our new lives?